The Particles are Banging Around

So, if you haven’t guessed. This site is about chemistry. Not in the hormonal context, but in the context of atoms, protons, and neutrons.

Ever since I was a little kid and made my first volcano that erupted, I was in complete amazement of chemistry. Then it led into more than that for me when I headed to high school.

When I told my friends that I was going to start this site, they laughed at me because they thought I was going to be blogging about chemistry in the hormonal sense. You know? How a man and woman ‘bump it’. My buddy thought I was going to build a site like Dirty Bros, but I insisted that he was way off.

Like I told him. I have a fascination of chemistry. I find it so interesting how the addition and subtraction of particles can literally change the chemical foundation of an object. Mixing them together can bring profound effects.

So, without hesitation, I will be providing my favorite chemistry experiments here on my site. Some times I’ll provide a video of how I do it, but if time doesn’t permit, I’ll have it in writing. Some of the concepts should only be done by an adult.

If you’re excited, come back soon where I will show you one of my favorite chemistry experiments. We’ll see you soon.


Ha, I bet you don’t know what this site is about. Is it about OHMS, or is it about H2O? You’ll have to come back and see…